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OPERATIONAL UPDATES: All IPI Shops are operating as normal. Please read for updates on IPI's operations (last updated 05/04/2023).

IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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The IPI Newsletter is typically published three to four times yearly. The first issue of the IPI Newsletter was published in July 2003 and quickly became a vital news source for IPI staff, state government officials and customers. While the newsletter was revamped to be primarily an internal communication tool for IPI staff in May 2015, it remains a valuable tool for our customers to keep up to date on what's happening at IPI.

Please take a moment to browse the past issues of the IPI Newsletter to learn about events, new products and other activities at IPI's facilities.

November 2019 [pdf, 623kb]
April 2019 [pdf, 498kb]
December 2018 [pdf, 363kb]
May 2018 [pdf, 497kb]
February 2018 [pdf, 355kb]
November 2017 [pdf, 348kb]
August 2017 [pdf, 486kb]
May 2017 [pdf, 374kb]
February 2017 [pdf, 321kb]
November 2016 [pdf, 321kb]
August 2016 [pdf, 323kb]
May 2016 [pdf, 409kb]
March 2016 [pdf, 637kb]
November 2015 [pdf, 409kb]
August 2015 [pdf, 591kb]
May 2015 [pdf, 620kb]
Winter (February) 2015 [pdf, 579kb]
Fall 2014 [pdf, 758kb]
Summer 2014 [pdf, 1.2mb]
Winter 2014 [pdf, 837kb]
Fall 2013 [pdf, 569kb]
Summer 2013 [pdf, 1mb]
Winter 2013 [pdf, 632kb]
Fall 2012 [pdf, 1.3mb]
June 2012 [pdf, 1.5mb]
Feb 2012 [pdf, 935kb]
Oct 2011 [pdf, 849kb]
April/May 2011 [pdf, 750kb]
Jan 2011 [pdf, 633 kb]
Aug/Sept 2010 [pdf, 657 kb]
April/May 2010 [pdf, 516 kb]
Jan 2010 [pdf, 640 kb]
Aug 2009 [pdf, 856 kb]
April 2009 [pdf, 701 kb]
Dec 2008 [pdf, 1 mb]
Sept 2008 [pdf, 683 kb]
April/May 2008 [pdf, 278 kb]
Jan/Feb 2008 [pdf, 295kb]
Oct/Nov 2007 [pdf, 270kb]
Aug 2007 [pdf, 275kb]
Aug 2007 Special Section [pdf, 224kb]
May 2007 [pdf, 286kb]
Feb 2007 [pdf, 332kb]
Oct 2006 [pdf, 273kb]
July 2006 [pdf, 280kb]
April 2006 [pdf, 321kb]
Jan 2006 [pdf, 262kb]
Oct 2005 [pdf, 345kb]
July 2005 [pdf, 352kb]
April 2005 [pdf, 330kb]
Jan 2005 [pdf, 283kb]
Oct 2004 [pdf, 308kb]
April 2004 [pdf, 238kb]
Jan 2004 [pdf, 240kb]
Oct 2003 [pdf, 250kb]
July 2003 [pdf, 180kb]

If you would like to receive a printed version of a past issue of the IPI Newsletter, or to receive future issues via mail, please contact Ann Baughman.