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IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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Waiver Request Process and Instructions

Please utilize the following process to request a waiver from purchasing from IPI. Full code language regarding this process is located below these instructions for reference.

  1. Your Agency has determined that a product offered by IPI is not acceptable because of one of the following reasons:
    a. Emergency circumstances
    b. IPI is unable to meet the performance characteristics for the product
    c. IPI is unable to furnish the needed products (comparable in both quality and price), within a reasonable length of time
  2. Fill out page one of the IPI Waiver Request form in its entirety.
  3. Send the completed form to Ann Baughman, Sales & Marketing Manager, by fax to 515-725-8714 or ann.baughman@iowa.gov.
  4. Waiver requests are typically processed within two business days and will be returned in the same method as received (fax or email).
  5. Any disputes arising between IPI and an Agency regarding Waiver Requests shall be referred to the Director of the Department of Administrative Services. If DAS is the purchasing agency, disputes shall be referred to the Executive Council.

904.808 State purchasing requirements — exceptions.

  1. A product possessing the performance characteristics of a product listed in the price lists prepared pursuant to section 904.807 shall not be purchased by any department or agency of state government from a source other than Iowa state industries, except:
    a. When the purchase is made under emergency circumstances, which shall be explained in writing by the public body or officer who made or authorized the purchase if the state director so requests; or
    b. When the state director releases, in writing, the obligation of the department or agency to purchase the product from Iowa state industries, after determining that Iowa state industries is unable to meet the performance characteristics of the purchase request for the product, and a copy of the release is attached to the request to the director of the department of administrative services for payment for a similar product, or when Iowa state industries is unable to furnish needed products, comparable in both quality and price to those available from alternative sources, within a reasonable length of time. Any disputes arising between a purchasing department or agency and Iowa state industries regarding similarity of products, or comparability of quality or price, or the availability of the product, shall be referred to the director of the department of administrative services, whose decision shall be subject to appeal as provided in section 8A.313. However, if the purchasing department is the department of administrative services, any matter which would be referred to the director under this paragraph shall be referred to the executive council in the same manner as if the matter were to be heard by the director of the department of administrative services. The decision of the executive council is final.
  2. The state director shall adopt and update as necessary rules setting specific delivery schedules for each of the products manufactured by Iowa state industries. These delivery schedules shall not apply where a different delivery schedule is specifically negotiated by Iowa state industries and a particular purchaser.
  3. A department or agency of the state shall cooperate and enter into agreements, if possible, for the provision of products and services under an inmate work program established by the state director under section 904.703.