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OPERATIONAL UPDATES: All IPI Shops are operating as normal. Please read for updates on IPI's operations (last updated 05/04/2023).

IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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Inmate Testimonials

At the heart of everything we do at IPI is the opportunity to provide incarcerated men and women with valuable skills and training to prepare them for success upon their release. One of the strongest arguments for the benefit of our job training program is the expansive list of real testimonials from the associates we employ.

"The most rewarding part of working for IPI is the everyday improvements that I see in my own behaviors. I've adapted from a selfish personality to a total team player." 

- Associate at Anamosa License Plate Shop

"My greatest accomplishment is that this program has helped me put everything into perspective. I've managed to stay out of trouble and focus on what is really important to me." 

- Associate at Anamosa Braille Shop

"I think my goals previous to employment at IPI were not set as high as they are now; I had a lack of confidence in my ability, but that confidence is there now." - Associate at Newton Canteen

"Working at IPI has given me the opportunity to pay off my fines and penalties, as well as putting aside some money to save for my future upon release." 

- Associate at Anamosa Graphic Arts

"I'm always learning new ways to do my work, improve techniques, standardize them and apply continuous improvement to all areas of my life." 

- Associate at Fort Dodge Textiles

"While working at IPI, I've learned to take advantage of every moment here to become a skilled, marketable employee for the numerous employers involved with employing IPI workers after release." 

- Associate at Anamosa Soap Shop

"The feeling of being labeled as a 'prisoner' is very dehumanizing, so it's a comfort to go to work at IPI where I can be productive and show the world I matter." 

- Associate at Anamosa Sign Shop

"This job makes me feel like I am a valued member of a team. Working at IPI will enhance my ability to be successful upon my release back into society." 

- Associate at Mitchellville

"In the three IPI shops I've worked at we always stay busy, and each shop has given me a new job skill that I can use when I get out." 

- Associate in Newton Home Building Program