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Boarding docks makes your boat ramps easier for boaters to use. Choose from semi-permanent or roll-in types.

General dock features:
  • Decking produced with green-treated .60 lumber, #1 grade or better southern yellow pine
  • Suitable for underwater or underground
  • Arsenic free
  • Dock side bumpers and 6 - 8" dock cleats included
  • Spud poles included on floating docks
  • Frames produced with galvanized heavy-duty angle iron
  • Meet or exceed Iowa DNR specifications
  • Fishing piers with wood railings also available

Products 1-18 of 18
Dock Add Ons
Price: Price: Starting at $3,816

    Connect to the end sections to create the desired length of docks for your needs. Connect (via hinge) between ramp and end section.

    Dock Anchor Poles
    Price: Price: $80.00

      10.5' x 2.5" OD

      Dock End Sections
      Price: Price: Starting at $2,226
      Item #: FDOCKENDSEC -

        Come with rubber bumpers and corner protectors to help prevent damage to watercraft or the dock; hook directly to the ramp or add-on sections.

        Dock Floats
        Price: Price: Starting at $97
        Item #: RDOCKFLOAT -

          Shoremaster Floats

          Dock Hand Rails
          Price: Price: Starting at $615
          Item #: FDOCKHANDRAIL -

            Made of 1.5" galvanized schedule 40 pipe. Sold in sets of 2.

            Dock Hinges
            Price: Price: Starting at $234
            Item #: FDOCKHINGE -

              Used to connect dock sections.

              Dock Ramps
              Price: Price: Starting at $2,067
              Item #: FDOCKRAMP -

                Attach to the end of an end section or add on.

                Dock Tread Plates
                Price: Price: Starting at $483
                Item #: FDOCKTRPLATE -


                  Roll-In Dock
                  Price: Price: $4,076.00
                  Item #: FDOCKROLLIN305 -

                    Ideal when situations require a dock that may need to be moved.

                    Single Wheel for Wheel Kit
                    Price: Price: $30.00
                    Item #: RDOCKWHEEL -

                      Wheel Kit
                      Price: Price: $351.00
                      Item #: FDOCKWHEELKIT -

                        Winch for Roll-In Dock
                        Price: Price: $185.00
                        Item #: FDOCKWINCHKIT -

                          With Cable

                          Dock Cleat
                          Price: Price: $5.00
                          Item #: RDOCKCLEAT8 -

                            Dock Corner Bumper
                            Price: Price: $15.00
                            Item #: RDOCKCORNERBUMP -

                              Dock Side Strip
                              Price: Price: $41.25
                              Item #: RDOCKSIDESTRIP -

                                Dock Torx Screws
                                Price: Price: $0.50
                                Item #: RDOCKTORXSCREW -

                                  Dock Treated Lumber 2x12
                                  Price: Price: $50.00
                                  Item #: RTREATEDLUMBR21260 -

                                    Dock Treated Lumber 2x8
                                    Price: Price: $25.00
                                    Item #: RTREATEDLUMBR28 -