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IPI is pleased to supply Iowa Sheriff Departments standardized markings for all types of vehicles. Sheriff vehicle markings are for purchase by Iowa Sheriff Departments only.

Markings are available to purchase in sets or as individual items. Download the Iowa Sheriff Markings flyer for listing of part numbers and sizes. Markings are available in standard green (PMS 7729) & gold, white ghosted, and black-out. Any markings other than the standards below require approval of the Iowa State Sheriff's & Deputies Association.

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing your order, please contact Sara Schnotala at 800-332-7922 or sara.schnotala@iowa.gov.

Standard Green / Gold
Sheriff Car Side View Standard Green & Gold
Sheriff Car Back View Standard Green-Gold

Black Out Sheriff Vehicle Markings

White Ghosted
White Ghosted Sheriff Vehicle Markings

Products 1-16 of 16
County Name
Price: Price: $10.40

    K-9 Unit Decal
    Price: Price: $10.40
    Item #: FDCALIAK-9UNIT -

      Patrol Decal
      Price: Price: $10.40
      Item #: FDCALIAPATROL -

        Patrol Supervisor Decal
        Price: Price: $10.40
        Item #: FDCALIAPATROLSUP -

          Phone Symbol & 911 Decal
          Price: Price: $5.75
          Item #: FDCALIAPHONE5 -

            Prisoner Transport Decal
            Price: Price: $12.50
            Item #: FDCALIAPRISONERTRANS -

              Sergeant Decal
              Price: Price: $12.80
              Item #: FDCALIASERGEANT -

                Sheriff Car Decal Set
                Price: Price: Starting at $168.25
                Item #: FDCALIASET -

                  Sheriff Decal for Side of Car, 8"
                  Price: Price: $51.70
                  Item #: FDCALIASHERIFF -

                    Sheriff Decal for Trunk, 3"
                    Price: Price: $5.80
                    Item #: FDCALIATK3 -

                      Sheriff Decal for Trunk, 5"
                      Price: Price: $8.70
                      Item #: FDCALIATK5 -

                        Sheriff Star Decal, 12"
                        Price: Price: $21.30
                        Item #: FDCALIASTAR12 -

                          Sheriff Star Magnetic, 12"
                          Price: Price: $26.85
                          Item #: FDCALIASTAR12MAG -

                            Sheriff Truck-SUV Decal Set
                            Price: Price: Starting at $219.75
                            Item #: FDCALIASETTRUCK -

                              Price: Price: $51.50
                              Item #: FDCALIASTRIPEHALF -

                                Unit Number Decal
                                Price: Price: $4.10
                                Item #: FDCALIAUNIT -