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IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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Eligible Customers

The following groups and individuals located in Iowa are eligible to purchase from Iowa Prison Industries per Iowa Administrative Code 201–37.2 (904):

  • Tax-supported institutions and government subdivisions, including state, county and city agencies, and school districts and to employees of such entities.
  • Non-profit groups, including churches, fraternal organizations and parochial schools.
  • Non-profit health care facilities serving Medicaid or social security patients.
  • General contractors when the products purchased will be sold to a public entity as defined above. Additional restrictions apply; for more information please visit the IPI sales to general contractors page.

The same eligibility guidelines apply to groups and individuals located outside of Iowa, with the following additional requirements:

  • Out-of-state customers will be expected to prepay for orders plus all shipping charges before the order is put in production or pulled from stock and finally shipped. Customer may also opt to make their own shipping arrangements from our plants.
  • Out-of-state customers will be required to contact the Correctional Industries program in their home state to see if they can fulfill the order before placing an order with IPI. A list of Industries programs and web sites can be found on NCIA's website.

NOTE: Federal Surplus Property is subject to different eligibility guidelines. Please visit the Federal Surplus section for more information.