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IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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IPI's top-quality Street Markers are available to properly label streets, helping to direct traffic and promote safety. While the most frequently printed street markers are green, blue or white, IPI can produce any color needed for your streets. Logos and borders can also be added. Please use the chart at the bottom for recommended letter heights on street name signs.

The following popular markers are available for on-line ordering:

  • Street Markers (1 or 2 sided)
  • Street Name Mast Arm
  • Street Name Overhead Markers
  • Residence Markers

Ordering on-line is easy! Start by using the links below and the order form will walk you through all the specifications we need in order to provide you accurate sign layouts and pricing. Or if you've ordered from IPI before, you can just specify for us to use the specifications we have saved. You can even upload a list of street names!

For more information or for assistance placing your order, please contact IPI Customer Service.

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Residence Marker
Price: Price: To Be Quoted
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Item #: FRESMRK -

    Street Marker Backer - Blank
    Price: Price: To Be Quoted
    Item #: FSTMRK-BACKER -

      Street Marker Mast Arm
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      Item #: FSTMRK-MASTARM -

        Street Marker Overhead
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        Item #: FSTMRK-OHMETRO -

          Street Marker, 1 Sided
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          Item #: FSTMRK1 -

            Street Marker, 2 Sided
            Price: Price: To Be Quoted
            Item #: FSTMRK2 -

              Recommended Minimum Letter Heights on Street Name Signs

              Type of Mounting Type of Street or Highway Speed Limit Recommended Minimum Letter Height
              Initial Upper-Case
              Overhead All types All speed limits 12 inches 9 inches
              Post-mounted Multi-lane More than 40 mph 8 inches 6 inches
              Post-mounted Multi-lane 40 mph or less 6 inches 4.5 inches
              Post-mounted 2-lane All speed limits 6 inches 4.5 inches*

              *On local two-lane streets with speed limits of 25 mph or less, 4-inch initial upper-case letters with 3-inch lower-case letters may be used.

              For more information or assistance with an order, please contact IPI-Anamosa at 800-336-5863.