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OPERATIONAL UPDATES: All IPI Shops are operating as normal. Please read for updates on IPI's operations (last updated 05/04/2023).

IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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IPI has traditional, private sector, or farming operations at eight of Iowa’s nine prisons plus Des Moines. Our operations and work training opportunities are tailored to each institution taking into consideration variables such as length of stay, security concerns, and the number of inmates eligible to work in our program.


  • Business Office: Purchasing, I/T, Finance
  • Traditional Shops: Print/Graphic Arts, Sign, Braille, License Plates, Chemicals, Filters, Plastic Bags, Engraving
  • Farms: Row Crops, Cattle


  • Private Sector: Cargo Trailers

Des Moines

  • Showroom: Sales, Customer Service, Marketing
  • Traditional Shops: Federal Surplus, Moving & Install, Laundry Services

Fort Dodge

  • Traditional Shops: TacPlus Pants, Inmate Clothing
  • Private Sector: Sewing, Textiles

Fort Madison

  • Traditional Shops: Institution Jeans, Jackets, Mattresses & Pillows
  • Farms: Row Crops, Cattle, Garden


  • Traditional Shops: Institution Textiles, Personalized Apparel / Uniforms, Scanning & Imaging
  • Private Sector: Packaging, Assembly

Mount Pleasant

  • Private Sector: Packaging, Assembly


  • Traditional Shops: Canteen, Home Building
  • Farms: Row Crops, Cattle

Rockwell City

  • Traditional Shops: Metal Products, Equipment Refurbishing
  • Private Sector: Welding, Metal Products