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Air Filter Lead Times Notice 3/8/2021:
Due to ongoing supply chain issues, lead times on all orders for Air Filters will be extended to 6 to 8 weeks effective immediately. The air filter market has seen unprecedented demand over the past year resulting in a shortage of materials available to IPI. We are working diligently to remedy this situation as quickly as possible, and we will keep you updated with any changes in the situation.

Polyester Air Filter Pads fulfill most HVAC general filtration requirements. Polyester filters are frequently used to replace fiberglass filters, which can fragment and send glass slivers into the airstream. Polyester is soft, easy to handle and offers higher arrestance and dust holding capabilities than most fiberglass filters.

Polyester Filter Pads

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16x20x1 Polyester Pad Filter
Price: Price: $0.76
Item #: FIL11736 -

    16x25x1 Polyester Pad Filter
    Price: Price: $0.92
    Item #: FIL11737 -

      20x20x1 Polyester Pad Filter
      Price: Price: $0.92
      Item #: FIL11738 -

        20x25x1 Polyester Pad Filter
        Price: Price: $1.14
        Item #: FIL11739 -