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IPI Biodegradable Bags naturally degrade in 9 months to 5 years in in landfills, in compost (backyard or commercial), buried in the ground or littered and in agricultural and erosion control settings. They require no special handling or storage and are competitively priced while providing the same strength per mil as our non-biogradable bags. All Biodegradable Bags contain 30% recycled material and feature starseal, which allows bag to conform to shape of container while preventing leaks.

Biodegradable Starseal

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33" x 39" Biodegradable Black Bags
Price: Price: $39.12
Item #: FP333909SDB -

    33 Gallon, .9 mil, 200 each

    39" x 58" Biodegradable Black Bags
    Price: Price: $33.12
    Item #: FP395809SDB -

      55 Gallon, .9 mil, 100 each