IPI Rolls Out The Future Of The Way We Work

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In an effort to continuously improve all aspects of IPI’s business, IPI rolled out the Prison Industries Manufacturing System (PIMS) during the month of January. PIMS is a new philosophy of continuous improvement that is how IPI plans to do business in the future!

PIMS is an operating system based on Lean manufacturing principles from the Toyota Production System. We will use it in every aspect of the way IPI does business, from our manufacturing shops to the sales and customer service of those products. We believe this new system will:

  1. Help us be better suppliers for our customers.
  2. Provide a better work environment.
  3. Provide all IPI associates new learning opportunities and skills.

During the month of January, myself and IPI Director Dan Clark traveled to each IPI location and presented "The Way We Work" to every incarcerated worker and all staff members working for IPI. Everyone received a handbook on the new system that covers all aspects of PIMS.

Although we have just introduced PIMS to much of IPI, we are already implementing some of the lean tools presented. First on the implementation schedule is setting up metrics boards in all the shops and work areas throughout IPI. All work unit goals support IPI's overall goals in the areas of Health & Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Engagement (People Involvement). Boards are currently up and running in Anamosa Filters, Fort Madison Furniture Zone 1, Mitchellville Textiles and Fort Dodge Textiles.

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