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    • A concentrated, water-bases stripper for water emulsion floor finishes
    • Developed to re-emulsify metal cross-linked and other polymers without the need for vigorous mechanical agitation
    • Can be used as a routine stripper on resilient tile, linoleum, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete
    • Fast acting, perfect for hard to reach areas
    Container Size 55-Gallon Drum
    Dilution Range 1:2
    pH 12.0 - 13.0
    Color Colorless to Light Amber
    Hazards Classification Acute toxicity - oral: 4

    Acute toxicity - dermal: 5

    Acute toxicity - inhalation (dusts/mists): 4

    Skin corrosion/irritation: 1B

    Serious eye damage/eye irritation: 1

    Specific target organ toxicity (single exposure): 3
    1. Dilute with water. Because floor condition will vary, a good starting point is a dilution of 1 part of concentrate to 2 parts of hot water. Depending on results, increase or decrease the amount of concentrate. Do not use the concentrate without some water.
    2. Apply the solution liberally with a string mop and allow to stand for at least 5 minutes. Keep the floor wet; do not allow the solution to dry.
    3. Pick up the solution with an auto-scrubber or wet vac, each equipped with a squeegee.
    4. Rinse floor twice with warm water and neutral cleaner.
    5. Allow floor to dry and apply finish.

    This product may be used with a floor scrubber to remove extremely heavy build-up of finishes. Merely increase the dilution to 1 to 4.