New Perforated Window Films Installed at DMACC Boone Campus

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One of IPI’s greatest strengths as a business is our ability to constantly develop and introduce new products to meet our customer base’s demands. In late 2023, IPI took on the project of adding a brand new offering to its extensive selection of signage products: Perforated Window Films.

IPI’s perforated window films use 3M material to display graphics of practically any size on any window. These films are different from standard transparent window graphics due to the tiny perforations in the film itself, creating a clear, one-way viewing experience. Because of this feature, these films are not only popular from an aesthetic point of view, but also one of safety. With heightened security concerns surrounding schools and government buildings, perforated window films are an in-demand product for organizations looking to add additional safety measures to their buildings.

This past year, IPI began delivering and installing perforated window films for customers, the first of which being DMACC’s Boone Campus. In 2023, DMACC announced that it would be undertaking an extensive rebrand, including new logos, slogans and graphics. As part of the graphic rebrand, IPI was tasked with creating multiple new perforated window films to bring a new look to the Boone DMACC campus. The IPI Anamosa Sign Shop got right to work creating the approved designs that would be put on display on the college building’s windows. These films include 16 bear paw decals, 16 door graphics, as well as 8 large window graphics of the DMACC website address. The installation process took only three days to complete, as IPI staff worked vigilantly and efficiently to complete the project.

“Karen at the Commercial Team at IPI listened carefully to our need for high quality door signage that was not only informative for visitors but also increased safety,” said Dean Dr. Rachel Erkkila. “The team delivered a high quality product meeting our needs and specifications. The installation team was attentive and professional; they made sure we were satisfied with the product before calling the job complete.”

“DMACC wanted to make a splash with signage that was visible from the street and also provided shade. IPI’s product filled the need with precision and professionalism. We consistently receive positive comments from visitors and guests at our Campus. Thank you IPI!”

IPI is extremely grateful for the opportunity to supply DMACC with the products they need and is proud of the finished results of the project. To learn more about IPI’s Perforated Window Film and Window Decal offerings, visit our informational webpage here! -

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