IPI's Best Selling Products By Shop in 2023

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With the month of January already coming to a close, 2024 is officially in full swing. Thanks to the efforts of IPI staff and associates, we're coming off of a very productive year of operations. With that in mind, let's take a look back at the top selling products from each of our shops in 2023!

#11 - Rockwell City:
Flat Concrete Base w/ 2.25" Square Post - 334 Units Sold

Though Rockwell City primarily specializes in metal fabrication and equipment refurbishing services, the shop sold hundreds of concrete sign bases last year!

#10 - Fort Dodge Textiles:
Basketball Shorts 2XL - 504 Pairs Sold

From jumpsuits and tactical clothing to scrubs and cloth masks, no product from Fort Dodge Textiles sold as many units in 2023 as 2XL Basketball Shorts. With 504 pairs sold in just this one size, it's clear that Fort Dodge's Basketball Shorts will be a hot product for years to come.

#9 - Fort Madison Textiles:
Denim Jeans 36x32 - 1,020 Pairs Sold

Speaking of textiles, IPI's Fort Madison shop is another location that knows their way around a sewing machine! Denim Jeans are the top products produced in Fort Madison, with the 36x32 size selling the largest volume at over 1,000 pairs.

#8 - Anamosa Soap Shop:
Lavish Chiffon Foaming Hand Soap - 2,561 Cases Sold

Since this product is sold by the case, a bit of math tells us that over 10,000 individual bags of Lavish Chiffon Foaming Hand Soap were sold in 2023. That's a lot of clean hands!

#7 - Anamosa Plastic Bags:
39x58 Starseal Black Bags - 3,810 Cases Sold

It didn't take a fortune teller to predict that Anamosa's Plastic Bag shop would sell a lot of bags last year! Breaking it down by bag size, our 39x58 black bags had the most orders placed out of the 13 standard sizes.

#6 - Anamosa Filters:
16x20x2 Std Cap Filter - 4,651 Units Sold

You can breathe easy knowing that IPI sold a high volume of air filters in 2023! Though our Anamosa shop can produce custom filters of any size, the 16x20x2 Standard Cap Pleated Filter had the highest volume of sales with 4,651.

#5 - Braille:
Braille Business Cards - 9,750 Units Sold

Our Braille Teams throughout the state were busy last year, with Braille Business Cards coming out as the most produced/transcribed product. And with prices as low as $0.25 per card, it's easy to see why they're so popular.

#4 - Anamosa Sign:
Custom Decals - 23,075 Sold

As one of IPI's largest, most diverse operations, there were a number of popular products that could have come out on top. However, Custom Decals come in at the #1 spot for the Sign shop with over 23,000 designed and sold this past year.

#3 - Mitchellville Textiles:
 Crew Socks - 60,960 Pairs Sold

The top-selling product from Mitchellville Textiles this past year was our crew socks, which feature moisture-wicking technology and a cushioned sole. At just $1.45 per pair, it's easy to understand the high demand!

#2 - Graphic Arts:
#10 Regular Envelopes - 261,450 Units Sold

IPI Graphic Arts' top product in 2023 was the #10 Regular Envelope, which saw over 260,000 units sold. These envelopes have been a cornerstone of Anamosa Graphic arts for years, and they've continued to sell exceptionally well for IPI ever since.

#1 - Anamosa Plates:
County License Plates - 605,450 Units Sold

If you're familiar with the Anamosa License Plate shop, it's no surprise that County License Plates were IPI's top selling product by unit of 2023. Next time you're driving and see an Iowa plate, it's very likely that it was made by us!

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