IPI Introduces New Shank-Free Cleaning Tool Line

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Image of Shank Free Cleaning Tool Products

In December 2023, IPI introduced its new Shank-Free Cleaning Tools line for purchase on the website

One major problem with traditional cleaning tools such as mops and dustpans in the context of corrections is that they can be broken and sharpened into weapons rather easily. This presents an obvious safety risk for not only inmates, but correctional officers as well. To counteract this and ensure the safety of all parties, IPI is now offering a full line of cleaning tools that are made of a special plastic that is completely resistant to sharpening.  

IPI’s Shank-Free mop and broom options include multiple safety features to ensure they cannot be made into makeshift weapons. The bristles come fused onto the block, therefore no metal or staples are required. The handles are bonded with adhesive to create one solid unit that resists breaks and sharpening, as well as being electrically non-conductive. 

Beyond safety countermeasures, the Shank-Free Product Line consists of high quality, durable and competitively priced options for all correctional facilities. Handles and heads are also completely interchangeable, meaning that if one part should break, a replacement piece can be purchased in place of a brand new unit.

In addition to mops, brooms and dustpans, IPI’s Shank-Free Product Line includes squeegees, fire retardant trash cans, plungers, toilet brushes and mop buckets. Each of these items in the product line share the same anti-break and anti-sharpen safety features.

The full line of Shank-Free Cleaning Tools can now be purchased directly from the IPI website, or by contacting our Customer Service team at 800-332-7922 or ipicustomerservice@iowa.gov.

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