Encourage School Spirit With Your Logo

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Many schools are looking for ways to incorporate their logo into design. Embellishing pieces with a school logo or mascot can build your brand and encourage school spirit!

The Anamosa State Penitentiary houses the IPI Sign Shop. Here incarcerated individuals learn to use computers, design tools and machinery.

The Sign Shop is capable of producing any standard or custom signs, decals and banners your school might need. From indoor to outdoor, you can customize any sign with your logo.

Center Point-Urba Sign Outdoor Signs

For events, competitions, or simply to showcase school spirit, indoor and outdoor banners can be customized with your message, color/size specifications and, of course, your logo! IPI can also make personalized vehicle decals.

To learn more about our logo tables, signs, banners and decals, please visit www.iaprisonind.com. Feel free to contact customer service with questions or to place an order.

Updated to remove outdated content 10/28/2022 by Ann Baughman, Marketing Manager.

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