Technology & School Furniture: 3 Trends for 2016

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As we say hello to 2016, the constantly-changing world of technology continues to have an impact on the style of furniture that goes into classrooms, libraries, lounge spaces, and offices everywhere. Here are three of the most popular trends we are seeing in the educational world of technology as it relates to furniture:

1. Goodbye clunky teacher-desks, hello multi-functional, audiovisual/teaching stations.

With an increasing need for technology equipment and a decreasing need for filing, the All-Terrain series combines small instructor desks with lecterns and AV/ laptop storage, all into one connected unit. It’s lighter, mobile, modern, and takes up less classroom space.


2. Charging ports.

Everywhere. As more and more schools go “one-to-one” and nearly every student is using laptops, phones, and iPad’s, the necessity for charging ports is becoming one of the bigger challenges for schools when it comes to meeting its facilities technology needs. Adding charging ports to lounge furniture, table-tops, and collaborative spaces is one of the biggest trends of 2016.

Charging Ports

3. Technology tables.

Looking for creative ways to integrate technology into your learning space? Incorporate a technology table, capable of holding two tablets onto one cozy table that’s sure to be a popular destination for students.

Tablet Table

For more info on any of the above furniture pieces for your school, contact your Sales Representative at 800-332-7922.
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