New Product Highlights From FY2020

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Here at IPI, new product development comes from many sources:

  • Customer requests
  • Industry trends
  • Vendor partners introducing new products
  • New capabilities and / or machinery in our shops
  • Staff and incarcerated associate ideas

In Fiscal Year 2020, IPI introduced a number of new product lines to meet various customer demands. The following are just a few of our most popular new products:

Legion Modular Panel System
Modern office cubicle system offering a wide array of layout options

Social Distancing
Social Distancing Signs, Posters, and Floor Decals

Developed to meet customers needs to encourage social distancing in their facilities

Higley Hand Sanitizers
Higley Hand Sanitizers
Special purchase of gel and spray formulas to offer customers an option for employee use at their desks or in vehicles

Hand Sanitizer Stations
Stands, hands-free dispensers and foaming hand sanitizer for facility entrances

Transaction Screens
Transaction Screens
Floor and desktop plexiglass screens to provide a physical barrier between building occupants and guests

Kore Wobble Stools
Kore Wobble Stools
Full line of children and adult stools in a variety of fun colors that encourage active sitting

Humanscale Chairs
Humanscale Office Chairs
A new vendor partnership provides leading edge ergonomic chairs in the World, Freedom and Liberty Task Chair lines

Disinfectants Effective Against Human Coronavirus
Five new disinfectants to meet increased disinfectant demand

Screen Printing
Screen Printing
New operation adds to our custom imprintable apparel options

New Office Chairs
In addition to the Humanscale line, new chairs include the Bless, NLC and Sherman chair lines>

IPI is always seeking new solutions to our customer's issues. Do you have an idea for a new product or change to an existing IPI product? Please contact your sales or customer service representative at 800-332-7922!

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