Metal Furniture Shop To Teach New Skills With Equipment Upgrades

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Incarcerated associates training in IPI’s Metal Furniture Shop will have new training opportunities with recent equipment investments in the shop. The upgrades include a new laser cutting machine, a new knee mill machine, and updates to the powder-coat paint line. Advanced machining skills are in high demand in Iowa, and IPI is excited to offer this career path to the men at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

Laser being moved into Metal Shop   The Piranha L510 Laser cutting machine is an impressive piece of equipment! Some of the features of this machine include nesting software to reduce waste, improved accuracy of cuts to 6/1000 of an inch, cutting speeds of 1200 inches per minute, and the ability to cut up to 3/4 inch steel. Installation of the machine was quite the challenge as well, maneuvering it into the prison and then into place in the metal furniture shop (see additional photos at the end of the article).
Knee tilt machine   A Kent Knee Mill was also added that will improve the accuracy and repeatability of components that require drilling. Similar to the laser cutter, it has an operator interface that allows programming of common tasks.
Paint Booth updates   Last but not least, the shop’s powder-coat paint line continues to be updated. This phase of the multi-year plan to update the line includes rerouting the curing oven’s control and gas system to be in compliance with the latest standards. Improved paint quality and delivery times will be the benefits of a more reliable system.

Investments such as these allow IPI to offer skills training that is directly applicable to high-demand careers in Iowa. Iowa Prison Industries is 100% self-supporting and relies on the sales of our products and services to support our work training programs.

Additional Laser Delivery Photos:

Laser delivery photo Off-loading the 21,000 lb main cabinet from delivery trailer
 laser delivery photo Main cabinet reloaded onto IPI trailer for transport inside facility
 laser delivery photo Preparing to place skates under main cabinet to roll into Metal Furniture shop

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