IPI Showroom Welcomes Three New Staff

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IPI is excited to welcome three new employees to the Des Moines Showroom!

  1. Tammy Nielsen joins our team as a Sales Representative for cities, churches, colleges and universities (non-Regents) and health care markets. Tammy started her career on Tuesday, May 23rd. Tammy can be reached at 515-669-1954 or tammy.nielsen@iowa.gov.
  2. David Welshhons began his employment with IPI on Wednesday, May 24th, as a Customer Service Representative serving the K-12 Education and Regents Universities markets. David can be reached at 515-725-8709 or david.welshhons@iowa.gov.
  3. Sara Schnotala's first day with IPI was Tuesday, May 30th, also as a Customer Service Representative. She will be serving County, State and Federal customers. Sara can reached at 515-725-8706 or sara.schnotala@iowa.gov.

As Tammy, David, and Sara gradually assume the duties of their new positions, we will send regular updates to customers on the proper contacts within the sales and customer service offices as well updating the Contact Us page on the IPI website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 515-725-8712 or bob.fairfax@iowa.gov.

Tammy Nielsen
Tammy Nielsen
David Welshhons
David Welshhons
Sara Hobbs
Sara Schnotala

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