IPI Donates Furniture from Showroom

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A total of 103 showroom items were recently available for donation, and IPI employees helped deliver them to organizations and charities throughout the state of Iowa.

Various styles of chairs, desks, shelves and more pack the showroom, so as new items arrive to replace older models, some room needs to be made. The showroom recently had over 100 items available for donation, and IPI employees were able to give those items new homes in organizations and charities across Iowa.

We followed up with some of the donations, and we were glad to see the recipients’ excitement about putting the furniture to use.

Diane Hughes, a State Industries Technician in Anamosa, donated an assortment of chairs to the Advancement Services of Jones County in Monticello, Iowa. This non-profit serves individuals with disabilities in Jones County and the surrounding area by providing community and career resources.

Jeff Bailey, a State Industries Supervisor in Fort Madison, donated several chairs, desks, and tables to Mt. Pleasant Christian School in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. The students have already put the furniture to great use!

IPI employees delivered donated items to over 10 different organizations, including several schools and ministries. IPI donated the remaining items to Hope Ministries of Des Moines.

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