Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting

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As Iowa looks forward to the re-opening of businesses, here are some guidelines to use for cleaning and disinfecting your facilities.

1. Develop Your Plan

Evaluate your space to and analyze what kind of surfaces make up the area. Some surfaces require a routine cleaning procedure, while frequently touched surfaces, such as knobs, light switches, keyboards, and counters, need to be to cleaned and disinfected more thoroughly to reduce risk of germs and viruses. 

When cleaning and disinfecting spaces/objects that are hard and non-porous such as glass, metal, or plastic, first clean the area with soap and water. Then disinfect with an EPA approved disinfectant, or a 70% alcohol-based cleaner. If a disinfectant or cleaner isn't available, you can also use 1/3 cup bleach in 1 gallon of water. IPI has a number of products available for immediate shipment that will meet these requirements. 

When cleaning and disinfecting soft and porous items such as carpets, rugs, and seating areas, clean or launder them following the directions on the item’s label, using the warmest appropriate water setting. 

Outdoor spaces generally only require routine cleaning procedures and don't need disinfecting. Regular cleaning and hygiene practices should be maintained.

Spaces that have been unoccupied for over 7 days also only require routine cleaning procedures. COVID-19 has hasn't been shown to live on surfaces longer than this time.

    2. Implement Your Plan

    Once a plan is developed, follow the plan. Clean visibly dirty surfaces with soap and water, use the appropriate cleaning or disinfectant product, and always follow the directions on the label.

    3. Maintain And Revise Your Plan

    Continue routine cleaning and disinfecting. As more businesses start to open, continue to maintain safe behavioral practices including social distancing, wearing a face cover, frequently washing your hands, and staying home if you're sick. Continue to consider practices that reduce exposure to yourself and others. 

    We would like to thank our chemical vendor partner, US Chemical, for putting together these guidelines. Read Complete Guidance and Disinfecting Guide and the Overview Guidance and Disinfecting Guide. Visit the EPA guidelines site here

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