Customer Spotlight: Burlington Police Department

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The Burlington Police Department moved into an old bank after completely renovating the interior and furnishing with IPI products. The new building will give them plenty of room to grow in the future.

Major Grimshaw spearheaded the project, but Kristin Eland, Fiscal Officer, and the new police Chief Dennis Kramer (previous chief retired during the project) helped along the way. IPI Sales Representative Tammy Nielsen met with the group several times to discuss the program and how IPI could add value to their project. IPI was honored to be selected to furnish the building. The furniture included custom desks, conference room tables, chairs, break room furniture, interrogation/interview furniture, training room tables/chairs and a variety of speech podiums and common area/lobby furniture. All of the IPI furniture shops had products specified in the project. Fort Madison staff Tony Ellison headed up the installation with the assistance of Tammy.

IPI would like to thank the staff at the Burlington Police Department for giving us this opportunity and providing countless training opportunities for incarcerated individuals throughout IPI from CAD design to data entry to production.

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