Cafeteria Furniture Trends

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Today’s cafeterias are much more than just a space for students to eat; they are gathering areas for students, staff and the community. If you are planning a new cafeteria space or remodeling an existing one, take a look at a few trends IPI is seeing in cafeteria design that will make your cafeteria a showcase for your school.

1. Tables with school logos and colors: Promote school pride for students, staff and the community.

2. Café style tables and chairs: Provide a casual dining experience and give students the opportunity to stand if desired.

3. Booths: Your students will feel like they are in a restaurant with booths!

4. USB / power outlets: Keep your students in your cafeteria by giving them places to charge their electronics.

For more information on how IPI can assist your school in updating existing cafeterias or designing new cafeteria spaces, please contact the IPI Sales Office at 800-670-4537. You can view more IPI products on our website at

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