5 Reasons You Should Be Using Green Cleaning Supplies In Your Schools

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  1. Reduce student sick days. Students in the US miss approximately 14 million school days per year because of asthma (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The use of green cleaning supplies can improve indoor air quality, which in turn can improve the health of students and reduce student sick days.

  2. Reduce the risk of illness and injuries of school custodians. Approximately 6% of school custodians are injured on the job each year due to chemical exposures. Green cleaning products and techniques can reduce the risk of illness and injuries.

  3. Green cleaning products are cost-competitive. Green cleaning products, such as IPI’s TerraGreen line, are concentrated formulas that will reduce costs over conventional ready-to-use products. The use of automatic dilution equipment reduces the chance of improper dilution. Additionally, a complete line of green cleaning products can reduce the number of cleaning products needed by eliminating unnecessary products. (Cleaning for Healthy Schools)

  4. It’s the law. The Iowa Legislature passed legislation in 2010 requesting that schools implement an environmentally preferable cleaning policy to protect children, teachers, janitors and other staff members against the harmful chemicals often found in conventional products. (Iowa Department for Administrative Services)

  5. Third-party certifications ensure a product’s environmental and health impact. By purchasing products with well-respected third-party certifications (such as Green Seal), you can ensure that they meet certain environmental standards. (Green Clean Schools)

IPI is pleased to offer the TerraGreen line of Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals that are dispensed via automatic dilution equipment. The TerraGreen line will fulfill the majority of your school’s cleaning chemical needs with just a handful of products.

Please use the links above for full product specifications and to place your order. For additional assistance, contact Deb Mahoney, Customer Service, at 800-332-7922 or Andrew Gogerty, Sales Representative at 515-330-0095.

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