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    • Concentrated EPA registered quaternary-based sanitizer formulated to kill microorganisms on contact and leave behind a barrier that controls bacterial growth  **Effective against Human Coronavirus**
    • Rinse-free formula
    • Disinfects and sanitizes all non-porous food contact surfaces
    • Non-corrosive and non-irritating to the skin
    Container Size Gallon
    Case Quantity 4
    Typical Dilution
    1:182 (to disinfect)
    1:512 (to sanitize)
    7.3 (concentrate)
    7.5 (use dilution)
    Color Red
    Hazards Classification
    Skin corrosion: 1C
    Eye damage: 1
    Acute oral toxicity: 4
    cRc, EPA, NSF D2


    1. Pre-clean.
    2. Apply use-solution (1:182) to hard non-porous, inanimate surfaces.
    3. Allow surface to remain wet for 10 minutes. Rinse or allow to air dry.


    1. Pre-clean and potable water rinse.
    2. Prepare a use-solution of 200-400 ppm (1:256-1:512).
    3. Apply use-solution with a cloth, sponge or low coarse spray or hand trigger sprayer covering all surfaces or by immersion.
    4. Allow surface to remain wet for 60 seconds and let air dry.
    5. Do not rinse.