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OPERATIONAL UPDATE (05-03-21): Please read an important update on IPI's operations.

PRICE INCREASE NOTIFICATION (05-03-21): Effective June 1, 2021, IPI will be implementing price increases in various product lines.
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Air Filter Lead Times Notice 3/8/2021:
Due to ongoing supply chain issues, lead times on all orders for Air Filters will be extended to 6 to 8 weeks effective immediately. The air filter market has seen unprecedented demand over the past year resulting in a shortage of materials available to IPI. We are working diligently to remedy this situation as quickly as possible, and we will keep you updated with any changes in the situation.

Pleated Air Filters are widely used as final filters or as pre-filters for higher efficiency filters. When used as a pre-filter, they will add substantially to the life of the more expensive high efficiency filters.

IPI Pleated Filters are produced from 100% synthetic engineered media reinforced with expanded metal on the downstream side for strength and rigidity which is then enclosed in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant die cut frame that will not crack, warp or distort under normal operating conditions.

Products 97-101 of 101
24x28x2 High Cap Pleated Filter
Price: Price: $14.21
Item #: FILSPEHC24X28X2 -

    25x25x1 High Cap Pleated Filter
    Price: Price: $9.00
    Item #: FILSPEHC25X25X1 -

      25x25x2 High Cap Pleated Filter
      Price: Price: $11.85
      Item #: FILSPEHC25X25X2 -

        28x30x2 High Cap Pleated Filter
        Price: Price: $17.59
        Item #: FILSPEHC28X30X2 -

          7-3/4x43x1 High Cap Pleated Filter
          Price: Price: $6.51
          Item #: FILSPEHC73/4X43X1 -