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OPERATIONAL UPDATES: All IPI Shops are operating as normal. Please read for updates on IPI's operations (last updated 05/04/2023).

IPI's products and services may be purchased only by governmental agencies, school districts, non-profit groups and employees of these organizations. 

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Sample Federal InventoryItems available through Federal Surplus include vehicles, office equipment and furnishings, tools and other miscellaneous items.

Viewing and acquiring inventory available within the General Service Administration (GSA) Federal Surplus Program is easy! Simply follow these directions:

  1. Request a personalized username and password from karyn.hartwig-evans@iowa.gov for the GSAXcess® web site.
  2. Go to the GSAXcess® web site at http://gsaxcess.gov.
  3. Login to the web site (upper right hand corner):
  4. Search for property available in the US by location, category or specific item.
  5. Use the contact information listed if you have any questions regarding the item's condition or specifications.
  6. After you have found an item(s) that you wish to acquire, please e-mail Karyn Hartwig-Evans at karyn.hartwig-evans@iowa.gov with the Item Control Number, Description, Ending Screening Date and Location.
  7. At this time, IPI will research acquisition and freight costs and will provide you an estimate to your agency. IPI will attempt to provide you an estimate within three working days from receiving your request.
  8. If you are agreeable to the estimated costs, IPI will attempt to acquire the equipment your want to utilize.
  9. If GSA does award the property to IPI, we will make arrangements to have the property shipping directly to your location. IPI will invoice your for the amount quoted after the property has been delivered. For vehicles, IPI will submit the proper paperwork to the Iowa DOT for a title, which will be sent to your agency.

If you have any questions, please contact Karyn Hartwig-Evan at 515-266-6913 or karyn.hartwig-evans@iowa.gov.