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    Shank-Free Handle Plastic 56"

    • Made from a special plastic that virtually eliminates the ability for inmates to form or reform a shank or shank-handle
    • 1″ diameter handle
    • Available with Long Tip, Medium Tip, and Short Tip
    • Strong and durable
    • Plastic handle is designed to be flexible and will bend side to side easily
    • Wooden handles are easily sharpened into shanks but with our NEW Plastic handle design it eliminates the capacity to do so
    • Designed to be safe for all to use
    Part NumberDescriptionSizeCompatible With
    FSF6046-PL56Plastic Handle, Long Tip56"Floor Scrubbing Brush, Squeegees
    FSF6044-PL56Plastic Handle, Medium Tip56"Angled Sweep Broom
    FSF6042-PL56Plastic Handle, Short Tip56"Threaded Shower Brush, Push Brooms
    FSF6040-SH9Safety Orange Handle9"Angled Sweep Broom