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    • Concentrated for low use cost
    • Oxygen based formula is safe on all colors
    • Rapid solubility begins destaining quickly
    • Safe on fabrics with no extra pre-sorting
    Container Size 15-Gallon Drum
    pH Concentrate3.5
    pH Use Dilution
    6.0 - 6.5
    Pungent (none added)
    Hazards Classification

    Oxiding liquids: 3
    Skin irritation: 2
    Eye damage: 1

    Equipment: Recommended automatic liquid laundry injection system.

    Directions: Concentration varies due to environmental conditions and load size. Your sanitation specialist will adjust properly to meet your needs.

    1. Pre-sort laundry prior to wash.
    2. Pre-soak and / or pre-spot laundry when necessary. 
    3. Place proper use of soiled fabric into laundry machine. 
    4. Inject laundry chemicals during cycle(s).