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    • For all solid surfaces, including automotive and industrial soil
    • Biodegradable
    • Can be used for steam and mechanical cleaning
    • Deodorizes
    • Use in hot or cold water
    • Dilute 1:20 for light cleaning up to 1:3 for heavy cleaning
    • Label for customer application to quart spray bottle sold separately (RMLBLHDCLNRDEGCAL)
    Container Size Gallon
    Case Quantity 4
    Dilution Range
    1:3 to 1:20
    Typical Dilution 1:10
    11.5 - 12.0
    Color Turquoise
    Hazards Classification
    Skin corrosion / irritation: 1
    Serious eye damage / eye irritation: 1

    For General Cleaning: Prepare solution to strength desired. Apply by mop or sponge, scrub if necessary, then rinse thoroughly.

    For Spray Cleaning: Prepare solution to strength desired. Apply by spray to surface, let stand approximately 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with clear water spray.

    See label instructions for additional use cases.