Project Spotlight: University Commons Areas

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Iowa Prison Industries was pleased to install furniture on several projects on Iowa’s University campuses this summer and fall including two large commons areas.

Iowa State University: Memorial Union Food Court Commons Area

ISU Memorial Union  
  ISU Memorial Union

The newly remodeled Memorial Union commons and dining center features A-frame tables, pedestal tables, stools, and chairs from Iowa Prison Industries. On this project, the project designers chose unique combinations of woods, wood-grain laminates, and darker paint colors to create a modern, industrial look. The sturdy furniture is sure to last Iowa State University for years to come, even with heavy use from the students. While this area is currently at reduced capacity due to COVID-19, the space can hold around 400 students.

University of Northern Iowa: Noehren Hall Commons Area

UNI Noehren Hall    UNI Noehren Hall

A face-lift in the Noehren Hall commons area has created a combination of semi-private booths and large open tables for students to use the space in various ways. Heavy, industrial style tables will hold up to years of student use. The University chose easy-to-clean fabrics in fun, university colors for this casual space. In-Motion hexagon stools are on casters, allowing students to move them around the room as needed.

IPI enjoys working on unique projects such as these that demand modern designs. By working outside our standards, both our staff and incarcerated workers gain new skills by trying new designs and processes and working with different materials. IPI looks forward to the next custom projects that the Regents Universities may bring our way!

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