Project Spotlight: Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Remodel

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At the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, this summer’s Basic Academy Classes are much different than previous years. The classes started virtually due to COVID-19, but students have since been able to move into the newly remodeled ILEA building at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. IPI was pleased to be able to supply new furniture for the dormitory rooms, training classrooms, open offices, and cafeteria.

ILEA Open Office photo

Open Offices
When staff returns to the office, they will be greeted with new modular furniture in IPI’s new Legion Modular System.

Office spaces include roomy workstations, plenty of storage, and glass dividers to provide sound and germ barriers while still offering an open feel.
ILEA Dormitory photo

Dormitory Rooms
Each room is furnished with Hawthorn Single Beds with Panel Ends, new custom 6” mattresses, and tables and chairs for studying.
ILEA Training Room photo

Training Rooms
While the training rooms are currently not being used due to COVID-19 restrictions, future classes will benefit from tiered tables and seating. Students in the front of the classroom will utilize standard height tables, but the back rows of tables are standing height to allow those students better viewing as well as the option to sit or stand. The tables feature flip-up tops for easy storage and both the tables and chairs have casters for mobility and flexibility.
ILEA Cafeteria photo

The updated cafeteria features all new tables in a combination of cafe and standard heights along with comfortable Sitka Sled Base Chairs and Cafe Stools.

Iowa Prison Industries would like to thank Director Judy Bradshaw, Assistant Director Rachael Krier, and all the ILEA staff for the opportunity to work on this project. The newly remodeled building provides students with a comfortable, inviting space for their training while providing incarcerated individuals in multiple IPI shops with valuable work training.

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