IPI Team Builds Habitat For Humanity Walls For Team Building Event

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IPI - HFH build photo

On October 20, 2021, IPI staff from all locations across the State joined together for a non-typical version of our annual training conference. Instead of a day filled with training workshops and speakers, the day focused on team building as staff worked together to build walls for two Habitat for Humanity homes.

The wall panel build was hosted by the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, a long-time supporter of IPI's work training programs for Iowa's incarcerated men and women. The build was held at the Homes For Iowa site at the Newton Correctional Facility; in progress homes can be seen in the background of some of the photos.

IPI - HFH wall build photos

The day started with IPI staff being separated into teams with each team consisting of staff from various IPI locations. Once GDM Habitat provided an overview of the build and safety guidelines, everyone received specific training on their assigned tasks and went straight to work. In about five hours, IPI was able to complete the wall panels for TWO future homes that will be built in the Greater Des Moines area next year!

A separate team of IPI staff worked hard all morning to prepare lunch for the group consisting of hamburgers, brats, and a variety of side dishes. Lunch provided an opportunity for IPI staff to converse with co-workers from other locations. IPI Director Dan Clark also spoke briefly to the group during lunch, thanking IPI staff for their hard work and perseverance during the past year.

Overall, it was a successful day of team building and volunteerism for IPI staff.

IPI - HFH Build Photos
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