Braille on Demand Service Launched to Select Iowa Schools

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IPI's new Braille on Demand service is now available to serve educators of sight-impaired students located in select Iowa school districts. Braille on Demand is a web-based resource for the ordering of the transcription of shorter documents on an as needed basis.

Educators of sight-impaired students are placing more emphasis on providing students varied materials from multiple sources rather than relying on a single textbook. Enter Braille on Demand, an online ordering system for the transcription of documents needed within a short time frame. IPI will either deliver the transcribed document electronically for the educator to print themselves or print and ship the documents to the school. 

The initial Braille on Demand pilot program has been available for handful of students since January 2015. As we enter Phase II of the program, a dedicated Braille on Demand website has been launched, and the service is now available to educators located within Grant Wood AEA and Great Prairie AEA. A full statewide roll-out is scheduled for January of 2016.

Read more about IPI's Braille Shop located at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

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