Every Day Is A New Opportunity At Move & Install

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Christmas tree installationThe Move and Install division, located in Des Moines, is proud to have become the go to source for labor on the Capitol Complex. While we typically think of Move & Install completing furniture installations for State agencies, the team actually provides labor for a wide variety of jobs on the Capitol Complex such as:

  • Parking lot curb installation
  • General grounds clean up
  • Cleaning the tunnels
  • Power washing public areas
  • Painting
  • Snow removal

The variety of work is excellent training for the offenders as it teaches them to handle unexpected situations quickly and safely, just like civilian employees in labor-intensive jobs must do daily. Move & Installs offender trainees are brought in daily from the Correctional Release Center in Newton.

Clint Schmidt is the Manager of the Des Moines Operation, which includes Move & Install, Federal Surplus, and DM Textiles. Technicians Neil Grundmeyer and Jerry Manning focus mostly on installation jobs in Central Iowa and across the State. Both Neil and Jerry joined IPI within the last few years and worked previously for the Department of Corrections.

Curb removal & installationNew to the Des Moines team is Technician Karyn Hartwig-Evans. Karyn transferred to Des Moines from IPI-Mitchellville where she has worked since 2007. In Des Moines, Karyn will focus on expanding the Federal Surplus program as well as working in Global and with the textiles / laundry operation. Temporarily, Karyn is splitting her time between Des Moines and Mitchellville until a replacement is hired and trained at Mitchellville.

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