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    Anamosa Series
    For traditional library shelving, look no further than Anamosa Series Shelving. Produced with a combination of solid oak and oak veneers, wood shelving units are both affordable and rugged. High attention-to-detail and exceptional craftsmanship go into every piece, ensuring these pieces will look beautiful while withstanding heavy use.

    • Solid oak shelves
    • Oak veneer side and back panels
    • Standard widths start at 36” wide
    • Standard heights from 36” to 84” in 12” increments
    • 11.5” deep shelves adjust in 1” increments on side mounted standards
    • Double or single sided units
    • Matching periodical units with sloped shelves; a flat shelf is located under each sloped shelf for extra publications
    • Mobile units with casters available
    • Custom end panels available
    • Custom sizes available
    • Cherry, maple or walnut woods available
    Wood Shelving
    Combine Single-Sided (for placement against walls) and Double-Sided (for freestanding, open aisle placement) Shelving to make the most of your library’s available floor space.
    Wood Shelving  Wood Shelving
    Whether your library’s design demands simple, clean lines or a more ornate style, IPI’s talented woodworking staff can match existing shelving or create a custom look for your library’s Wood Shelving.

    Wood Shelving
    Solid oak shelves ensure Wood Shelving units will hold even the heaviest reference books.

    Please contact your sales representative for project quotes and non-standard sizes.

    Wood Shelving  
    Place small, individual Wood Shelving units side-by-side for greater future flexibility in library layout (above) or larger units can be produced in virtually any size to fit the available space (below).  
    Wood Shelving  
     Shelf Configuration (Per Side)
     Overall Size
    Anamosa Series,
     2 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    3 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    4 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    5 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    6 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
     12"d x 36"w x 36"h
    12"d x 36"w x 48"h
    12"d x 36"w x 60"h
    12"d x 36"w x 72"h
    12"d x 36"w x 84"h  
    Anamosa Series,
     2 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    3 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    4 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    5 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
    6 Adjustable + 1 Fixed
     24"d x 36"w x 36"h
    24"d x 36"w x 48"h
    24"d x 36"w x 60"h
    24"d x 36"w x 72"h
    24"d x 36"w x 84"h  
    Anamosa Series,
    4 Angles + 4 Flat
    12"d x 36"w x 62"h