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    Flammable Liquid Cabinets
    When your business utilizes flammable liquids or chemicals, Flammable Liquid Cabinets provide the security required to properly store these materials.

    • Sides, top, bottom and doors feature double-wall construction with 1.5" air space between outer and inner walls to provide an insulating air barrier between employees and flammables
    • Spill-catching space between cabinet bottom and bottom liner holds 5 gallons of fluid
    • Sides, top, bottom and doors produced with 18-gauge steel
    • 16-gauge steel shelves
    • Tamper-proof 3-point locking system with hasp on handle for padlock
    • Labeled "Flammable"

    2-Shelf Cabinet

    24"d x 36"w x 48"h
    24"d x 36"w x 60"h
    4-Shelf Cabinet


    24"d x 36"w x 72"h
    Extra Shelf


    For 24"d x 36"w models
    55-Gallon Drum Cabinet


    36"d x 36"w x 66"h