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    • Great for your staff’s individual sanitizer needs at their desks or on the road
    • Alcohol-based formula decreases bacteria on skin
    • 62% alcohol meets FDA requirements for COVID-19 protection
    • Made in the USA (contains no methanol)
    • Fast-acting formula for use when soap and water are not available
    • Sold in cases of (14) fourteen 8oz bottles of gel or (12) twelve 16oz bottles of spray
    Container Size 16oz Bottle
    Case Quantity 12
    Mildly sweet or ethereal
    Color Clear
    Hazards Classification

    Flammable Liquids (Category 2)
    Carcinogenic (Category 2)
    Eye Irritation (Category 2A)
    Skin Irritation (Category 2)
    Aspiration Toxicity (Category 2)
    Specific Organ Toxicity (Ingestion-Optic Nerve) Single Exposure (Category 2)

    1. Apply a small amount to palm.
    2. Briskly rub, covering hands with product until dry.