Training on the Legion Modular System

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Over the last couple months, incarcerated individuals have been getting trained on assembling and installing the Legion Modular System, a new modular office system that we offer here at IPI.The Legion Modular System is the unifying element that brings together architecture and furniture to create highly effective work environments that are both engaging and productive. As a comprehensive systems offering, Legion allows for dynamic solutions to current and future needs.


In mid-September, Weston Schilawski, from our vendor partner OEI, Inc., spent the day in our Mitchellville Panels and Seating shop working with the incarcerated individuals on the Legion Modular System. He trained them on the overall system and its components and the gluing of the fabric to the panel tiles to create the highest quality product. 



About a month later, Weston returned to Iowa to IPI's Des Moines Showroom to provide training for staff and the incarcerated individuals working in Moving and Installation. He taught them how to assemble the Legion Modular System and how to place the tiles in the frames. We do our best to offer our incarcerated individuals with the best quality training possible, leaving them prepared for success once they are released back into society.

Now that both the manufacturing and installation teams have been trained on the Legion Modular System, we are excited to begin offering this new, modern product line to our customers throughout the State of Iowa.

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