Three Reasons To Consider Standing Desks in Schools

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Collaborative Desk Standing desks in schools and offices have been getting a lot of attention lately. Some offices have even gone so far as to include standing desks with treadmills underneath – Crazy, right?

At Iowa Prison Industries, we don’t sell treadmills. However, it might be worth looking into the benefits of standing desks for Iowa students. After all, scholars like Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway used standing desks.

IPI has compiled a list of three reasons you should consider standing desks for your classrooms:

  1. Standing Desks Lower The Obesity Risk
    Obesity in children is at an all-time high. According to the American Heart Association, about one in three children are overweight or obese. About 4 percent of children were obese in the 1970s. By 2010, this statistic had climbed to 18 percent.

    Are standing desks the answer? According to Mark Benden, PhD, CPE, an associate professor at Texas A&M School of Public Health they might be. In a study by Benden, 193 students from 24 Texas elementary classrooms were observed from the beginning of their third grade year to the end of their fourth grade year. At each school, four classes were given standing desks and four classes acted as the control group with traditional sitting desks. Benden’s researchers found the students in the standing desk classrooms averaged a three percent BMI drop over the control classrooms.

  2. They Improve Student Focus
    In the same Texas A&M study, researchers measured students’ attentiveness and engagement in class. They noted how often students in both classroom settings looked up at the teacher, how often they wrote on their papers and how often they became distracted by a neighbor.

    The results were significant. The students in the standing classrooms had more engagement than the students in the sitting classrooms. It only makes sense, right? Being stuck in a sitting desk all day makes a person feel antsy, bored and stiff. Movement helps pump blood and oxygen to the brain which releases mood enhancing chemicals that can stimulate the mind.

  3. Standing Desks Slow the Health Risks of Long Term Sitting
    Organ damage such as heart disease, an over productive pancreas and colon cancer can be linked with long-term sitting. This is because when humans sit for long periods of time the muscles become sedentary, burn less fat, and blood flows more sluggishly. Humans experience a decline in insulin production after just one day of prolonged sitting.

    Sitting long term can affect a person’s back. When a person sits for a long time, the disks in the back are squished unevenly and tendons and ligaments can harden. Long term sitting can also lead to tight hips, soft bones, poor circulation in the legs, soreness in shoulders and back and a foggy brain.

Savvy School DeskMany teachers who have standing desk classrooms notice the effect the desks have on their students’ overall attitudes toward learning. Standing for extended periods of time can be strenuous. This is why Iowa Prison Industries offers multiple styles of standing student desks and tables. has an exclusively designed Stand-Up Desks that allow students the options of standing or sitting.

  • Stand-Up Desks are height adjustable from 30” to 42” and have a swinging footrest. Priced at just $143.00!
  • Bow-Front Collaborative Desks feature an oversized laminate top with a bow front and are adjustable from 34" to 42". Priced at just $110.00.
  • Savvy Schools desks offer multiple shapes of melamine tops for a variety of classroom needs. Adjustable from 31" to 42", pricing ranges from $89 to $99 depending on the top shape.

IPI also has sit-to-stand options for teachers, administrators or any office. For stand-alone tables, both crank or electric adjustable tables are available. For existing tables or desks, IPI has a variety of desktop units for any budget. Shop now!

To learn more about the standing desk and table options at IPI, contact an IPI sales representative for assistance or visit our website. Samples are also available to test at our Des Moines Showroom at 1445 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines.

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