New Nicotine Free Signage

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Organizations across Iowa are updating their no smoking policies to include other tobacco and nicotine products such as chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes):

The Iowa Smokefree Air Act included specific requirements for businesses to post "no smoking" signage. Organizations that have expanded their smoke-free policies to include other types of products are still required to adhere these guidelines. IPI has made it easy to update your signage to reflect your new policy while still meeting the sign requirements of Smokefree Air Act.

IPI now offers Tobacco and Nicotine Free Grounds signs that comply with the Smokefree Air Act.

  • A basic 12x12 sign and 12x12 decal are inexpensive and easy to order on the IPI website.
  • Larger signs (12x18 and 18x24) allow for an organization's logo and customized policy verbiage; ordering is also available on the IPI website for these customized signs.
  • IPI can also create a completely custom sign to meet your specific needs; simply request a quote to get started.

Not sure how to get started on new signage for your facilities? Simply contact IPI Customer Service at 800-332-7922 or for assistance.

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