Introducing the Sitka Stack & Task Collection

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Iowa Prison Industries is happy to introduce the new Sitka Stack & Task Collection.

Sitka is more than just a collection of seating. The collection was designed with the joints and curves of the human body in mind to create a comfortable, one-of-a-kind seating experience. With several options to choose from, Sitka is the perfect stack-able chair for any setting.

One of the most notable features of Sitka is the Perfect Pivot mechanism found in every chair and stool in the Sitka Line. The back and seat of the chairs are aligned by a fulcrum that moves with the user’s hips for maximum comfort.

Without the use of knobs or leavers, this luxurious seat conforms to the human body. It allows a person to feel supported by Sitka regardless of if they have perfect posture or not.

The new Sitka collection includes six models that can be modified to suit your organization’s needs. Every model includes armless and cantilever arm choices. Some models include flip-and-fold tablet arm options that are ideal for students.

Sitka 4-Leg with CastersSitka 4-Leg Stack Chairs:

Simple and versatile while incorporating all of the great features of Sitka. This model can be stacked up to 12 poly or 6 upholstered chairs. With different arm rest options, the Sitka 4-leg chairs are a light weight option for any organization.

Sitka 4-Leg Stack Chairs with Casters:

This unique model is easy to move and store while maintaining the Sitka comfort features. The Sitka 4-leg chairs with casters provide infinite mobility without sacrificing the ability to stack 5 chairs high.

Sitka Sled Base Stack Chairs:

The Sitka sled base chairs are designed for reception, educational and multipurpose spaces. The tubular steel bracing allows the chairs to be stacked 12 poly or 6 upholstered high making them the ideal chair for mobility.

Sitka Cafe StoolSitka Café Stools:

This model is available in two heights, 24” and 30”. This hybrid model still has all of the features that make the Sitka line so comfortable. The Sitka cafe stools include the Perfect Pivot mechanism, different armrest styles and the stools are stackable 4 high.

Sitka Task Chairs:

Sitka has also created a line of simple function task seating that is perfect for computer and conference rooms. The Sitka task chairs are movable on canisters and can swivel and recline. These chairs are a great option for anyone who needs to engage in discussion or for anyone who needs full body mobility while they sit.

Sitka Task StoolSitka Task Stools:

With the same 5-star stability base as the original task chairs, this model is an option for transaction counters or raised benches. The Sitka task stool includes an adjustable foot ring that makes it as comfortable and efficient as the task chair model.

All models can be personalized to your organization’s liking. To place an order or learn more about the Sitka Stack & Task Collection you can visit IPI’s website.

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