Introducing the FlexCharge Series

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Spend less time fighting over outlets this year!

If you have several devices, maintain a charge for the things you need can be a challenge. Furthermore, with traditional outlet space often out of reach, you likely can’t use your devices while they are charging.

Instead, get a charging station to power all of your devices conveniently at once. Charging stations allow you to use your devices while they charge. You can place them in your most productive areas so your technology is always right at your fingertips while you work. Not to mention, you will no longer have to worry about tangled cords.

Through one of our vendor partners, IPI is now offering two desktop power options: The FlexCharge4 and FlexCharge9. These desktop power options allow our customers to easily add USB and power outlets to tables without any necessary installation – it’s easy!

IPI’s FlexCharge stations are compatible with iPhones, Android phones, tablets, Quick Charge devices, laptops, Apple Watches … pretty much anything you can imagine! You can use the FlexCharge to power other items on your desk, too, such as diffusers and task lights.

The FlexCharge4 includes two AC outlets and two quick-charge USB outlets. This is a great option for an individual user’s office desk who only has a few devices to charge throughout the day.

For a person with more devices or for a shared work area, the FlexCharge9 unit is larger with five AC outlets and four quick-charge USB outlets.

Both FlexCharge options meet spill-production criteria, have built-in surge protection and comes with an 8’ power cord. The FlexCharge Series offers safe and flexible desktop power for any workstation!

To learn more or place an order, visit IPI’s website or contact your customer service representative.

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