Product Spotlight: New Seating Incorporates Movement

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Iowa Prison Industries understands many K-12 schools want to incorporate movement into their classrooms. Now, IPI offers ball chairs that encourage small movements, improve posture, improve balance, and make learning and collaborating fun!

According to Education Week, "Children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing, and more successful memory retention than kids who spend the day sitting still. Keeping the body active promotes mental clarity by increasing blood flow to the brain, making activity vital to both learning and physical and neurological health." (link)

We have three new ball chairs to showcase: the Zenergy™ Swivel Chair, the Zynergy™ Ball Chair and the Runtz™ Ball Chair!


Zenergy™ Swivel Chair

The new Zenergy Swivel Chair promotes movement through learning, bouncing and swiveling. Constructed with a 17.5’’ exercise ball covered in fabric, the 360 degree swivel base allows students to move while they learn!

Use this chair as an alternative desk chair in meeting areas or gathering spaces. The design may support better posture and balance. The rubber molded base insures the chair will not slip with movement. The seat comes in a variety of colors, is 23’’ tall and can support up to 250 pounds!

Zenergy Swivel Chair


Zenergy™ Ball Chair

The new Zenergy Ball Chair is similar to the Zenergy Swivel Chair in that it promotes movement, however this design is on a sturdy base. Four powder coated legs and stationary glides offer stability and security.

An anti-burst 17.5’’ exercise ball with mesh covering supports movement and may encourage better posture and balance! The Zenergy Ball Chair is a great alternative desk chair for gathering areas and classrooms! The seat height is 23’’ and can support up to 250 pounds!

Zenergy Ball Chair


Runtz™ Ball Chair

The Runtz Ball Chair is perfect for elementary classrooms! This ball chair is built with an anti-burst exercise ball with four powder coated legs and stationary guides.

Slightly smaller than the above ball chairs, the fully inflated Runtz Ball Chair is height is 17’’. Even though the chair is smaller, the sturdy design can support up to 250 pounds!

Runtz Ball Chair

To place an order or learn about more K-12 seating options, visit our website or contact your IPI customer service representative!

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