10 Reasons You Need A Sit-To-Stand Desk

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  1. Live Longer: “A recent study shows staying sedentary half the day boosts your risk of dying within three years by 40%.” MensHealth Magazine
  2. Prevent Cancer: “People who spent a decade or more doing sedentary work were almost twice as likely to develop colon cancer.” MensHealth Magazine
  3. Be More Productive: “Studies show when you take a phone call while standing, you feel more authoritative.” MensHealth Magazine
  4. Lose Weight: “Standing burns 40% more calories than sitting…just 2.5 hours on your feet per day burns 350 calories.” MensHealth Magazine
  5. Doctor Recommended: “Doctors recommend a 50:50 sit-to-stand ratio.”
  6. Higher Energy Levels: “By standing during the day, we're able to keep energy levels constant. You're not getting the 3 o'clock slump, and you avoid the dreaded food coma. As a result, your mind doesn't drift, your eyes don't droop, and you can get through your day without experiencing an energy roller coaster.” Readwrite
  7. It Sets your Organization Apart: “Google offers standing desks as part of its employee-wellness program. That means that any employee looking out for his or her health can choose to work at a standing desk. (Some companies, by contrast, only offer them if a doctor writes a note saying it's medically necessary for a specific condition.)” Readwrite
  8. Better Focus: “While standing, you feel a sense of urgency, which causes you to be focused on the completion of tasks.” Readwrite
  9. Fewer Headaches: “Usually I have headaches from sitting for long periods of time, so I figured if I could stand at work then that would minimize the headaches. My theory was right, I felt so productive!” Readwrite
  10. Even Helps Quit Smoking? “Our designer is trying to quit cigarettes, and found that the standing desk eased the process. The constant shifting of weight from one foot to the other helps manage the anxiety of not having a cigarette.” Readwrite

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